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Wingman Testimonies

I invite you to take a few minutes to read through the testimonies of the men that made the decision to commit to purity and a life of freedom from addiction and the choices that previously defined them.

* all clients are kept confidential, names are not listed

Testimony 1

"Starting in December 2021 I decided to ask Nathan to be my recovery coach.  Once a week I meet with him on Zoom and each meeting opens with prayer.  Nathan is to me in living in freedom as a football coach is to a football team.  He gives me advice, ideas, and tools to help me where I need to go in this new life I have been given.  I know for myself I want to continue to grow and be a better man and be more in tune with Christ more than my selfish needs. "

Blue Skies

Testimony 2

"Since our last session, things have gone really well.  I've taken everything to heart we talked about and have been intentional in my recovery.  COMPLETELY sober since November 1 and I have been using the tools of recovery you gave me to do every day.  My wife and I are putting Christmas decorations up without any problems!  We took a road trip last weekend to a little town out in the country and had dinner at a little quiet place.  We had a nice time and enjoyed each other's company.  I'm not allowing my Intimacy Anorexia to control things and we just seem to be comfortable around each other.  Every morning I offer a prayer of surrender to the Lord and ask Him to show me how to love my wife more each day.  God has been good, but I'm not taking anything for granted or being complacent.

Thank you!!"


Testimony 3

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your encouragement and help.  Without my closer connection with God and surrendering my life to Him every day as you told me awhile back, I would not have ever received this kind of response from my wife. It humbles me to know that she is seeing the difference in all that I'm learning and doing."

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